Lassos & Longhorns Products

Lassos & Longhorns is free to download and play. You will need one copy of the rules and the board, and also provide your own tokens and dice.

Download the Lassos & Longhorns rules - keep in mind that the rules were written to be included in a printed version of the game. If printing the game for yourself, you may not have the same tokens we used to keep track of the herd, competitors, and Butch Montgomery. The shape of the tokens means nothing, however, just be sure you know which piece is which.

Download the Lassos & Longhorns board - this beautiful playing board was created by Caroline Dougherty of

Download the cheat sheet - a one-page reminder of the rules most commonly needed during play.

Download the Vassal mod - play Lassos & Longhorns on Vassal without ever having to print anything.