Until Dawn

Until Dawn won Best Horror/Zombie/Monster Game and Best Artwork in the 2012 BoardGameGeek Solitaire Print-and-Play Contest! Thanks to all who helped create the game, played it, tested it, or voted! A special thanks to Caroline Dougherty; the Best Artwork win is hers, not mine. Also congratulations to all the other winners and contestants!

Until Dawn is a solitaire card game in which you play as John Woods in an attempt to defend your small cabin from a zombie attack. With the help of your dog, Jasper, and a loaded shotgun, you must stave off the zombies attempting to breach the four entrances to the cabin, and survive until dawn.

Worse, Woods’ wife, Rebecca, is suffering from a zombie bite to the arm, and is doing everything in her power to keep from being overcome by the zombie infection.

With a limited amount of time to prepare, and a small number of shotgun shells, can you defend the cabin until the sun rises, while also keeping Jasper and Rebecca alive?

Until Dawn is free to download. Grab the files on the products page.