Justification Failing


Apparently, I can not be trusted.

I had promised earlier that, as often as I could, I would try and post here. That has obviously not been the case. Not having internet access at my home, I am forced (banished also works) to completing my internet-based tasks while at work. Recently, my work environment has changed, and as such, my internet access has become significantly limited. Justification complete.

To be honest, I’m still not entirely comfortable with the idea of an oft-updated blog. The word “blog” (from the Latin “weblog”) still, to me, carries connotations with which I’m not entirely comfortable. As stated earlier, I don’t have internet access at my home. And less interaction with it means that I’ve not acclimated to the idea of the space that the internet has become for many. Broadband isn’t available in my area. If we want access, a modem and phone line is our only option. We also hunt our food with sticks and rocks, and eat it raw.

I recently finished watching the second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Hulu (justification… failing…), and I have been repeatedly surprised by the show. The acting is well done; Brian Austin Green is great to watch, Shirley Manson is, in a word, strange. The action is low budget; episodes are often shot in such a way as to keep most of the action off screen, but when it’s there it includes watching Summer Glau throw people into things, and that’s worth it. The story is intriguing; there’s more plot here than in either Terminator movies.

The show is likely canceled, which is a shame because the last couple episodes were incredible. Being part of the Terminator franchise means the story takes some fun jumps through time, and this has given rise to an interesting waste of time: reading the forum arguments and opinions on time travel.

It is wholly fascinating to read someone explain exactly how “real” time travel works. And even more fascinating to read someone else explain why that person is “a moron” because “that’s totally not how it works.” But then, “of course,” once you factor in the possibility of parallel universes and/or times, and then the fact that anything one might say or do (including the actual time traveling event itself) can affect or create parallel universes and/or times, there’s really no way to know.

These arguments – that it’s all too complicated for anyone to understand – are made with a full understanding of time travel, and any idiots that don’t get that obviously just don’t know anything about “Terminator physics or lore,” and should really just stick to Back to the Future. I think they should all just be happy that John Connor, leader of the resistance, savior of the human race, didn’t time travel to a universe where his mother is a giant squid and the world is run by grapefruit.


Posted by Jack on Thu, 23 Apr 2009