The Harbinger Project

“The enemy is coming. Their invasion is imminent. They will crash onto our beaches and pound their boots on our soil. And they will march on our capital with the same merciless determination that they’ve shown our neighbors and allies.

“Intercepted transmissions have shown that they believe this will be an effortless campaign; that they will, as they put it, ‘dance through our lines in the morning and eat dinner in Capital Square.’

“Our job, tomorrow, is to make sure they’re full on their own words by lunchtime.”

- excerpt from GA James Bletchly’s “Trespasser” Speech

You have just been promoted to lead the newly-formed Harbinger Project – a secret collection of the top allied minds, brought together in an effort to defeat the enemy through foreknowledge of their actions. By intercepting enemy transmissions and breaking enemy codes, you will be able to make the best use of your military might against the oncoming invasion and show the enemy the true meaning of “forewarned is forearmed.”

It will be your job to decipher and break enemy codes and to use this information to maximize the efforts of your military forces. There are fourteen each of the four enemy unit types; your job is to destroy them all before they reach the Capital. If any enemy units remain after the Siege of the Capital, you lose the game. Otherwise, you win.