No Ordinary Bauble

Over the past year or so I have begun to notice an interesting trend in the gift-giving in which I am involved. Regardless of what particular occasion necessitated said gift, it would often become apparent while unwrapping it that this gift was no ordinary bauble. A hand-knit sweater, a jar of salsa, 10 pounds of pork sausage, a long sought after board game. These gifts, often hand-made, were well thought out, researched, and had a sort of heft of purpose that my predictably-given DVDs, paperbacks, or gift certificates simply did not.

I sought then, this Christmas, to give out gifts that I had made myself, which left me with two options. I could design a simple game for people to play, or I could give everyone DVDs, paperbacks, and gift certificates.

The game would have to be simple, only a page or two of rules, due to the fact that it would mostly be given to non-gamers. Having just recently played a game of Cosmic Wimpout I decided that a push-your-luck style game could be fun but simple enough for anyone, gamer or no, to grasp. An idea for a theme came quickly after, it being an historic election year. Indeed, with our media’s constant barrage of information, it would have been difficult to think of a question during those months to which the answer couldn’t have been “the 2008 presidential election.”

The game was printed and bagged in time for Christmas, 51 days after the election. I gave away every copy we made, not even keeping one for myself.

So now, post-inauguration, post-anyone-caring-about-presidential-elections, 270 to Win is available as a free download. Grab a copy, play it, have fun.